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What is real? What is truly meaningful?

Why is there so much confusion and suffering in our world? How can we live in a way that is in harmony with life and authentic to

who we really are?



        For Solman (Richard Solis), that journey began in sorrow.


        Born and raised in a bright and loving home in the nature-rich islands of Trinidad and Tobago, Solis found a natural calling for music early in his life. Through the constant encouragement and support of his father, who had chosen to follow his own passions in life rather than the beaten path, he eventually enrolled at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.

        Yet coming from a small Caribbean island and being unaccustomed to life in a big city, he found himself becoming increasingly disillusioned with the world — it’s social inequalities, it’s destructive relationship with nature and it’s insatiable desire for material gain. This disillusionment became a complete breakdown in 2010 when his father passed away after a long and difficult battle with cancer.

        Totally disenchanted, Solis decided to give up the path he was on and devote himself to discovering what was truly real and meaningful in life. 

        Solman’s music is a spiritual experience.

        It is the sound of a soul on a journey to reconnect with the deepest truths of life and love.         


        Returning to his home, he spent long periods in contemplative solitude deep in the tropical rainforest, worked at permaculture farms learning how to live in harmony with nature, and spent two years living in an ashram, studying and practicing yoga and meditation. 


        Music became a medium for Solis to express the deep inner reflections and inspirations of this journey. Taking the name a friend had given him “Solman” - a play on “sol” as in “the sun” and “sol” as in “the soul” - he began performing around Trinidad and Tobago. 


        Soulful, groovy music rooted in laid-back Caribbean rhythms and spiritually rich lyrics that arc from deep and mystical reflections on universal truths, to delicate expressions of love and healing, to ecstatic celebrations of the beauty of life - Solman’s music speaks directly to those on a path of self-discovery. 

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Gazebo Jam

          In 2013 Solman hosted a gathering that would become an annual event called “Gazebo Jam.” At a backyard garden people gathered under the stars to listen and dance to Solman’s spiritually uplifting music and thoughts from beneath a small gazebo. 

Creation Vibration

In 2018 he ran a crowdfunding campaign supported by over 160 people to fund his first EP “Creation Vibration” which was recorded and released in 2019, as well as his first book “Little Lights” which is a collection of “soul-tickling” poems, musings and reflections. 

Creation Vibration EP cover.png

         Our modern culture lives with a deep dysfunction because it has forgotten the sacredness and the mystery of who we are, of what life is, and of what the universe is.

         This dysfunction causes us to live dissatisfied lives void of deep meaning and significance, which leads to the epidemics of anxiety, depression, rage, tension, conflict, war and the destruction of nature. 

          For our happiness and fulfilment and for the healing of the world torn apart by conflict, we need to reconnect with the mystery of life, to remember who we are, to celebrate the wonders of existence, and to rediscover our true destiny as children of the universe.

The Vision

Building Community

         Solman believes in building community. He hopes his music can help bring together the believers, the dreamers, the seekers - those who connect with this calling, who want to live more inspired meaningful lives, who want to create a better world that respects the sacredness of life - so that that intention can grow and influence the culture that we live in.

        If this speaks to you, Solman wants to connect with you, please see below to reach out.

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