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Image by Chan Hoi


Remember who you are

    In your soul is the truth and the light of the stars

         You are the artist and you are the art

              You are the flame and the original spark
                     The whole universe in the space of your heart

Little Lights

"Little Lights" - a collection of soul-tickling reflections, musings, poems and lyrics is available now. 

Note - Little Lights is currently only available in Trinidad and Tobago at these locations:

Full Bloom Coffee >
Paper Based Bookshop >
Living Waters Bookstore >

Or click here to order directly

Excerpts from Little lights:


Through all the beatings All the pressur

Who are we today
but the dreamers of tomorrow?

I am a lover and I am a dreamer, and assertively so

I don’t buy in to the modern mythology that says with unexamined authority 

that nothing is sacred, and that steals the enchanted luminosity of the world’s soul 

and enslaves it in small square screens that scream for constant attention

and I think that is not a harmless endeavour, because our true power is our attention 

and we are more than a market, we share blood with the ancient stars 

and we are as significant as they are, and yet blessed because 

we can dream and we can create new worlds as bright as they are - 

and that we do only by the power of our attention

and thus I am a dreamer

because to dream is to attend to those realities untethered 

by the marketable illusions of this modern myth

to dream is to free the power of attention, to fill it with the spirit 

that springs eternal in our heart

and that spirit speaks only in the language of love

and thus I am a lover

because to love is to be free to be carried laughing and crying 

ecstatically into the embodiment of all our dreams

and I believe that is how every star and every cell 

and every breath was ever born

and so I am a lover and I am a dreamer, and assertively so

because too many beautiful luminous human souls have become

caught in the orbit of this modern myth, and suffer for it

and wars are fought for it, and people starve for it

and people face dark and battered realities for it

and my home the earth is scarred for it

and we continue to live unfulfilled lives void of real depth and meaning for it

because we have become convinced by this myth

that nothing is sacred

and we have forgotten how to love 

and how to dream

and how to freely see 

this enchanted realm of mystery that we call the world

No man is an island

  but every man is a Universe

Mountain Landscape

All the earth and stars are singing

the worlds undying song

how to listen, oh my heart

or better yet... sing along?

A million stars

Are forging gold

Illumining the night

For scraps of coin

The break of wars

We shadow our skies

Through all the beatings All the pressur


If Your Screen Went Blank

If your screen went blank

Who would you see reflected

In the frame black and empty

No pixelated vision

To come between you and yourself
To outshine the secret light in you

Would you see your eyes

Luminous and wide

Powered by the mystery of the heart 


Or would you see the lines

Against your face dull and faded

The markings of an un-lived life?

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