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Gazebo Jam

          In March of 2013, Solman hosted a small event in his backyard as a way to share his music with others. Quite spontaneously it became a magical night: friends and family helped to decorate the small gazebo in the yard with fabrics and lights, the audience brought blankets and beach chairs and sat under the trees and stars, and with limited amplification the music had a raw organic sound, perfect for Solman's rootsy acoustic songs. Friends and family were invited and over 50 people came. 


         It was such a magical experience that they decided to host another event in the yard in December of 2013, calling it Gazebo Jam and opening it to the public. Over 100 people came out, and from then on it became an annual end-of-year event, growing in numbers each year.

WhatsApp Image 2018-12-29 at 1.40.45 PM.

In 2019 the house where Gazebo Jam was hosted was sold. Solman is currently looking for venues with a similar vibe to continue the event.


If you have a space that you think can work, please get in touch!

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